Monday, November 28, 2011

Jonah: Week 3

Text: Jonah 1:4-16
Sermon: Rev. Anne Kennedy (Jonah and the Storm)

1. [v.4-5] The account shifts with a storm and Jonah sleeping below deck while everyone on the ship is praying and preparing for the worst.  Why is Jonah, a prophet of God, literally sleeping on the job?  What’s his problem?

2. [v. 5] The sailors sacrifice their precious cargo in order to spare their lives.  How does their attitude and actions differ from that of Jonah’s?

3.  Jonah writes his account with an emphasis on direction.  Twice already, Jonah has been asked to “arise” or “get up,” while Jonah’s response to it has “going down” and “sinking.”  Why does Jonah write in this fashion?  What is Jonah trying to say about himself?  What is he trying to say about God?

4. [v.10] In the limited interactions Jonah has had with the sailors, he has already told them that we was running away from God.  Considering that this isn’t what most people share about themselves in first impressions, what would convince Jonah to share this with the sailors?

5.  [v.7–10] After casting lots, Jonah describes who he is and who he worships.  The sailors become terrified.  Why do they look to him to solve their crisis?

6.  [v.11-13] Jonah requests that he’d be thrown overboard, but the sailors refuse his sacrifice at first, only to give-in later.  Discuss some of the thoughts that the sailors might be having at this point in the storm.

7.  [v.13-16] God uses Jonah’s stubbornness and disobedience to produce something good – namely to witness God’s power to the sailors.  Has there been a time in your life where God made something good from your poor decision?

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