Monday, December 05, 2011

Jonah: Week 4

1.  [Jonah 1] What evidences do we see in the Book of Jonah that confirms that the sailors are more compassionate and more faithful than Jonah?

2.  Have you known any non-Christians that are more obedient, more ethical, or more generous than some actual Christians?  What do you think makes them this way?

3.  Regardless of our good deeds, they do not save us.  Why do we want to share the gospel with other people?  Important: It’s not so they can “become good.”

4.  [Jonah 1] What transformation do we see in the sailors throughout first chapter?

5.  [Jonah 1] Mercy is not getting what we deserve, and God demonstrates a lot of mercy here.  Which act of mercy speaks the most to you?  Why?

6.  [Jonah 1:17]  Remember, we know the appointed fish is coming because we have probably heard this account before, but Jonah doesn’t.  What is Jonah really asking the sailors to do (to him) and why does he ask such a thing?

7.  [Jonah 2:1-7]  What change do we see in Jonah in the opening verses of chapter 2?

8.  Although far from the Christ himself, we get a glimpse of what Jesus’ life is like through Jonah’s actions.  In what ways is Jonah’s life like that of the Messiah’s?

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