Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jonah: Week 2

1.  What is the difference between dread and fear?  Does Jonah show signs of either?

2. (v.2) Jonah's understanding of God's will is clear and concise.  This shows us that God's will for Jonah is not something elusive, unreachable or lofty.  God gives us many ways to make certain what His will is for us.  What are they?

3. (v.3)  What is Jonah's reaction to God's calling?  Why does he choose those actions?
4. (v.3)  Jonah uses his effort, his time and money to make himself too busy to follow God to (initially) use.  Has there been a time where you make yourself too busy for God?

5. (v.1-3) Can anyone (including Jonah) flee from God's presence or will?  Read Psalm 139:7-10 for further reference.

6. (App)  Jonah is disheartened at God's plan to redeem Nineveh.  It's not uncommon for God to call us out of relationships, situations and attitudes that are not in line with His plan.  In time, God's way will be done, but only through great hardship.  Share a time where you and God have had to settle things "the hard way."

7. (App) What could have been done on your part to make that situation not so hard?
8.  (Thanksgiving Bonus) What are you thankful for this year?

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