Sunday, August 14, 2011

Questions about Trials and Judgment

Text: Psalm 11
Sermon: Rev. Mark Carlton (Home Church)

1. (Lead-in) Do you think a society or culture will tolerate wrong-doing?  If so, how?  Could tolerance ever grow into acceptance?

2. (Lead-in) Do you think a society or culture can villianize what was previously considered a virtue?  If so, how?

3. (v.1) Why does the option of fleeing from conflict seem appealing?  Does it achieve its goal in the short-term?  How about the long-term?

4. (v.2,3) When evil is “breaking down the foundations,” what social choices do we have as Christians?

5. (v.4) How does God’s presence and “location” act as a comfort to us?

6. (v.5) What does God ask of His people in response to the success of the wicked?

7. (v.6,7) How do we (as Christians) approach the world on the topic of judgment?  Why might this be a topic of incredible discomfort or incredible joy?  (For additional references on joy see Psalm 96.)

8. (App) Why is judgment absolutely necessary for God to be truly loving and truly just?

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