Monday, August 01, 2011

Questions about Sharing the Gospel

Text: Colossians 4:3-6
Sermon: Rev. Anne Kennedy

1.  How important is it to those outside the church that we live a holy life as Christians?

2.  How important is it that we prepared to speak about Jesus?

3.  Is it more important to live a holy lifestyle or to be prepared to speak and share the Gospel?

4.  What wide-spread misconceptions do people have about Christians?

5. (v.3-4)  Why should prayer come before we speak to others about Jesus?

6. (v.4) How can God “ruin our lives” to spread the Gospel?  Or, in what ways has God worked through people in uncomfortable or frustrating situations to increase His glory?

7. (v.5) We must make an effort to be wise in our actions and words towards people.  How do we become wise?

8. (v.6) Is there value is understanding anything outside the Bible?  Either way, defend your reasoning.

9. (v.5) How do we develop an awareness of the opportunities God puts in front of us?  In other words, how do we prepare our minds and our words for sharing the Gospel?

10. (v.6) Salt is a very vivid symbol for what Christians should be in the world.  It implies that we should have flavor in our speech as well as a cleansing, healing and preserving presence.  Discuss why this is a great symbol for those who are spreading the Gospel.

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