Thursday, August 18, 2011

Questions on Matthew 15:21-28 -- The Canaanite Woman

Text: Matthew 15: 21-28
Sermon: Matthew Tuttle

1.  Think of a time where you had the wrong impression of someone.  What led you to that wrong impression?

2.  Choose three words to describe the person-hood of Jesus.  Why did you choose these words?

3.  (v.23) Why would Jesus ignore the Canaanite woman?  Do you think this is intentional?  If so, what’s his reason for doing so?

4. (v.24) Consider the covenant that God made to Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3.  What does this mean for Israel as a nation?  What does this mean for other nations?

5. (v.24) In light of the question above, what does Jesus’s response in verse 24 mean?  Do you think the woman understood what Jesus was saying?

6. (v.26-27) Jesus’ second statement refers to how God blesses the Jewish people first, then the gentiles later (through the nation of Israel).  What is the cleverness of the woman’s response?

7. (App) The woman in this account displays a variety of desirable traits for modern Christians.  Identify them and explain how it inspires you to be a better Christian yourself.

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