Thursday, July 14, 2011

Questions about Slavery: Part 2

1.   Even today there are still a large number of slaves (even in America).  Although some forms of slavery are obvious, some are not.  Discuss how different forms of slavery exist in the world today.

2.  Although owning slaves is permissible by God, it is not in God’s ultimate design.  Can you think of other human conditions and systems where this might be true?

3.  Using the two weeks combined, how could you better defend the Bible in regards to slavery?  In other words, what important and critical facts did you learn that you had not known before?

4. Slavery is often misunderstood and sections of Scripture have been misused for evil intent.  Give an example of when you have encountered someone misusing Scripture.

5. How could you respectfully correct a person who misuses Scripture?

6. Try reading the book of Philemon.  (You can do it; it’s only 25 verses!)  What do you notice about Paul’s language?

7. Share what you think is particularly interesting or special about the book of Philemon.  What to do you think its purpose is in the Bible?

FOR MORE INFORMATION about slavery in America and around the world, click here or here.

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