Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Questions for Parenting: Part 1

1. [Lead In] Discuss some of the ways you were raised or how you have raised your children.

2. [Eph 2:1-3] Paul states here that all humans are fallen by nature. What does “by nature” mean? And what evidences do we see of this truth?

3. [Eph 2:1-3] American culture in particular views children differently than Scripture. Discuss some of these views and the reasons why they might be incompatible with a Biblical worldview.

4. [Eph 2:8-10] Paul also states that we were designed to enjoy and to glorify God. What are some things that please God, which are also things you love to do?

5. [App] How does our fallen and disobedient state distort the fact that we were made to find joy in God by glorifying him?

6. [Eph 6:1-3] Why does God want children to obey their parents? What benefit is there to the child physically, mentally, and spiritually?

7. [Eph 6:1-3] Put the promise in verses two and three into layman’s terms.  Also, why does this promise make sense in a practical and spiritual way?

8. [App] In light of these questions, prioritize the goals of parenting. Please share and discuss your reasoning with the group.

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