Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Questions for Pentecost

Text: Acts 2

1. [Lead-In] Share a time where something the Holy Spirit has made itself very clear to you, a close friend, or a loved one.  No occurrence when the Holy Spirit is present is considered minor.

2. [Review] Keep in mind that Pentecost is used for the redemption (or holy correction) of Babel.  Discuss how the events of Babel and Pentecost are alike and different.  How is Pentecost redeeming Babel?

3. [v.1] Why do people try to unify and identify as a group?  How is this advantageous and dangerous for God’s people?

4. [v.2,3] There is a mighty wind that causes no destruction and fire that doesn’t burn mentioned in the beginning of Acts 2.  What is the wind and fire represent, and why would Luke (the author of Acts) describe it as such?

5. [v.4-8] It is important to note that the men start speaking different languages that they never learned, but in particular what are they speaking and why is it important?

6. [v.9-13] Discuss what it must have been for the foreigners to hear the Gospel in their own native tongue.  Some believe the disciples to be drunk, but how would you react to this (or any type) of miraculous event?

7. [v.37,App] The foreigners hear the message (most probably for the first time), repent, get baptized and join the newly formed body of believers.  How is this like we outreach and disciple new believers?

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