Monday, April 04, 2011

Questions for Colossians 3: 5 – 8

1.  (v. 5) What similarities do the sins share in verse 5?  How are they related?

2.  (v. 5) Paul goes out of the way to mention that greed (or covetousness) is also an idol.  If you have thought about it before, in what specific ways does greed serve as an idol?

3.  (v. 6,7) Paul’s first list (verse 5) is a charge to purge sin out of the Colossians (and our own) personal lives.  Why do you think Paul chooses these particular instructions first?  Particularly consider the need to reflect internally, before interacting with other people and groups around us.

4.  (v. 8) What similarities do the sins share  in verse 8?  How are they related?

5.   (v.5-8) Explain how sins of the “heart” effect the “tongue.”  In other words, how does our heart and mind influence our actions?

6.  (v.5-8) Explain how sins of the “tongue” effect the “heart.”  In other words, how do our actions influence our heart and mind?

7.  (v.5-8) Because our sins (against each other and God) have internal and external consequences, how do we correct our habitual sin that influence both?

8.  (v.5-8) Despite any shortcomings and baggage we bring, God chooses to use the Colossians and us as seeds of change to the world and its culture.  In light of this fact and our conversation, how does this make you feel?  Why would God allow this?

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