Friday, April 08, 2011

Questions about God's Glory and Man's Glory

1. [Gen 11:1-4] What is the underlying sin of the people in Genesis 11?  Can you think of a modern day equivalent to “the tower?”

2. [Gen 11:5-9] What is your opinion of God’s action in this account?  Is God fearful of man?  Is God justified in His actions?  What are His reasons for his actions?

3. [Gen 11] In what ways do we try to be our own god?

4. [Col 3:11] Paul calls for the end of discrimination based on race, class and social status.  What cultural discriminations do we see today inside and outside of the church that need to be eliminated?

5. [Col 3:11] What does, “Christ is all, and is in all,” mean to us?  Why is that important?

6. [App] As a church trying to unify believers, in what ways do we neglect the diversity of others?

7. [App] As individuals, Christians are called to confirm to the mind and likeness of Jesus, yet by God’s grace, we keep our uniqueness.  How is this possible?

8. [App] Specifically, explain why our differences, personally and corporately, completes the design of God’s creation.

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