Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Questions for Colossians 3: 1 – 4

1. (v. 1-2) Setting your heart “on things above” is not an overnight process.  What can we do to set our hearts on heavenly things? 

2. (v. 1-2) What forces set our hearts toward earthly things?  Be as specific as possible.

3. (v. 1-2) Can heavenly thoughts descend to us here?  Can earthly thoughts ascend to heaven?

4. (v. 1-2) Do you believe that if you lack heavenly understanding, then you are unable to understand our world?  Why or why not?

5. (v. 1-2) Why is Christ’s equality with God good news for us?  Why is this significant?

6. (v. 3) What does, “your life is now hidden with Christ,” mean?  What thoughts or images spring to mind?

7. (v. 4) What does “Christ, who is your life,” mean?

8. (app) Do you think following Christ is more difficult than what you would thought it would be?  Why?  Give reasons and examples. 

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