Thursday, March 03, 2011

Questions on Romans 8: Part 2

1.  Verse 9 delivers a promise that those in Christ are no longer controlled by sinful nature, yet we still sin daily.  How to do explain this, especially to non-Christians?

2. (v. 9) What does it mean that the (Holy) Spirit lives in you?  Does your spirit change upon conversion, or are there two separate spirits living in you?

3. (v. 9) What does the Spirit of God allow us to do that we couldn’t do previously?

4.  Explain the death mentioned in verse 10.

5. (v. 11) What does Christ’s death and resurrection say about ours in the physical and spiritual sense?

6. (v. 14-17) Being a child of God is referenced four times in these four verses.  Why do you think Paul was inspired to use this metaphor?

7. (v. 15) If we are no longer slaves of fear, what changes should we see in our lives?

8. (v. 16) How do we explain the Spirit testifying with ours?  What does that even mean?

9. (v. 17) Will all Christians endure some degree of suffering for Christ’s sake?  Why or why not.

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