Monday, February 28, 2011

Questions on Romans 8: Part 1

Worship: Psalm 33
Text: Romans 8:1-8

1.  (v. 1) What is condemnation?  Where does it come from?  How is it manifested?

2.  (v. 2) What is the “Law of the Spirit” and the “Law of Sin?”

3.  (v. 3) The text implies that the previous law had a purpose at once place in time.  What was it?

4.  (v. 3) Why do you think Paul chose the words “likeness of sinful man/flesh” to describe Christ’s humanity in verse 3?  (NOTE: It’s found nowhere else in the Bible!)

5.  (v. 1,3) Why is Christ essential in removing our condemnation?  Why can’t we do it ourselves?

6.  (v. 3) Although we are free from the previous law, is Christianity still a system of laws?  Why or why not?

7.  (v. 4) How does being free of condemnation allow us to live in unity with the spirit?  Or in other words, why is the absence of condemnation necessary?

8.  (v. 5,6) If your “mindset” determines your desires, then what does this say about the condemned mind?  How about the Spirit-filled mind?

9.  (v. 7,8) Paul is very certain that a sinful mind cannot submit or even please God.  Why is he so certain of this?  What are his convictions of this truth?

10.  What can we do in our lives to protect our minds from sin and condemnation?

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