Saturday, March 12, 2011

Questions about Self-Discipline

1. Although not a contextually accurate interpretation of verse 16, how often do we let ourselves be judged and influenced by other people’s opinions?  Is this a beneficial practice for us or not?

2.  Do you think we learn to sin naturally or is it something we learn through our surroundings and environment?

3.  Despite our best efforts or our position with God, we seem inclined to repeat our sins over and again.  Why do we continue to indulge in our sins?

4.  (v.20,21) Do you think self-discipline helps us limit our sins?  Is there a limit to self-discipline and, if so, where do we draw the line?

5.  (v.21-22)  Is strict self-discipline any different from religion?

6.  (v. 21-22) Other religions and spiritual practices outside Christianity place a large emphasis on being disciplined and living on a set of laws.  How is this different than Christianity?

7.  (v.23) What power does the Gospel have over self-discipline?

8.  (v. 23) Do you think surrendering to God is a better healer than self-discipline?  Do you think it's easier?

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