Friday, March 27, 2009

Of Humor and Pottery

Is this fiction?
Hope has given himself to the worst
Is this fiction or divine comedy?
Where the last of the last finish first
Living is simple

I find it such comedy when God brings us to the place that we have cursed with our lips. Sometimes, it’s exactly that we don’t want to face that strengthens us as Christ Followers. I once heard it explained as such:

Put a light inside a cracked vessel and you’ll see light escape through the cracks. We are the vessel and Jesus, obviously, is the light. And it’s only through our imperfections and deficiencies that Jesus can be seen in our lives. A challenge or difficulty accomplished through strength beyond our own gives testament to our God, who is greater than us

So embrace your weaknesses and let God supply the light. Warning: Results may be surprising!

Imagine the light that would come out of this! Courtesy of NY State's Iroquois Pottery website.

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