Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Matthew 24:12

I know that I’ve felt this feeling before. It’s almost an unwillingness to move forward because something isn’t right or out of place. When God gives us His Holy Spirit, we find that it is most useful in these situations. The first time it happens, it feels like you’re being crushed by the weight of the world, turned inside out, and sometimes you may just want to break down and cry. Consider those feelings only a small taste of something more painful that could come. When we don’t make a purposeful effort to change our ways, we find ourselves enduring a much longer, drawn-out pain that we don’t even notice anymore – spiritual numbness – and it’s the most dangerous state of spiritual being. And it’s really not that hard to get there - we just distract our minds from the problem. Maybe it’s through media, like TV, movies, a book or music, or just wasting our time on the computer… whatever it may be, that’s our feeble way of dealing with it and we don’t even realize it doesn’t work.

It’s possible and likely that you and I have different thoughts that have come to mind when reading this – that’s okay. I am asking you to not feel condemned because there is no condemnation is Christ Jesus. However, we are certainly charged to correct our mistakes. In fact, I’m trying to say is that we can even benefit each another by sharing what hurts our spirit because sin that we intentionally or unintentionally commit. Regardless how we sin, I’m pleading that you heed the warnings the Holy Spirit gives you because it’s through this beckoning that allows us to make a choice to do what is right. If you have been distracting yourself from what you know is wrong, I will pray for you as I do for myself in these situations: that you forfeit the battle inside of you, and let love win. Do not grow cold to feelings because we are fearfully and wonderfully created with them. And if I suppose if you are reading this and have come to a point where you’re spiritually numb, maybe this won’t even make an impact on your choices. The only thing I can do is pray that God breaks through the hardness of feeling to make you alive and free again. Because surely, we have all experienced this and know all too well that when we ignore this feeling inside us that is spreads to the point where we don’t even feel love. And simply: no love – no life.

Please join me in praying for our freedom from the sin and bondages that restrict to love effectively.

And you want Him and you need Him
But you act like He’s not there
Yeah you know that you’re hollow
And something is missing here
So you push and you pull the hole in your soul
But you can’t make the hunger disappear

Do you want to spend your whole life jaded?
Stuck in a rut you created
Why don’t you break the cycle?
Let love win

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