Monday, February 23, 2009

God and Your Studies

Although I wish to write a longer post, I have the urge to share with everyone what I have been doing over the past few days. As an assignment for one of my classes, I was asked the challenging question, “What is Math?” After pondering this question for a week, I recalled a conference that I attended, which focused on making your area of study one that is redeemed by God. Through the book they supplied us with (Engaging God’s World by Cornelius Plantinga), and my daily devotions, I devoted myself to answer this question in a way that brings forth God’s plan of redemption for mathematic study.

Also, I must admit that this one of the hardest assignments ever given to me. It required an immense about of thinking, pondering and self-examination. But, to me it was an act of worship that I am greatly appreciative of now. And even though I haven’t handed in the paper yet, I could care less what grade I will get on it because I know that God would be excited for the amount of time I spent on it, as well as the willingness to stand up for God in my discipline.

I guess what I’m trying to really get at for a take-home message here for all those students, and even those in professions, do not be afraid to link your studies in a Christ-centered approach. Have courage and do not be ashamed of your faith. When eternity comes for the Christ Followers, we will still be learning and using our disciplines for divine reasons – it’s best to get as much practice at it now so we’ll be ready for the gloriousness to come.

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