Monday, July 28, 2008

God's Will

The more I think about it, the more I am sure that this VBS is very important to God and will do great things. Satan has been relentlessly attacking it. The Sunday is was supposed to start was cancelled because of a fatal accident site that was blocking the church, the spiritual battles Joe and I have been facing the week prior to it, inability to order enough craft supplies and little things like an invitation to vacation that week, looming physical difficulties. In addition to the struggles that have come up with a lot of the rest of the staff: sick children, death of a relative, difficulty with their own children, and some conflict among staff. Despite all this we had as many as eighty children on our peak days, and through prayer, creativity, and lots of helping hands we made it through the crafts without having a crisis. Many children ended up asking Jesus to be their friend and savior Thursday night after a very moving evening service. Much of the staff and I were teary eyed. This indeed was very important to God, for Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” Luke 18:15-17.
And through all this I think back to earlier this summer (which seems a long time ago) to when I heard God directly speaking to me to “wait, just wait.” This was in response to my restless prayer of anticipation and discouragement because I was still in Alfred with no job. There are many things in that situation that wait could refer to, but I think that it may be so that Joe and I could fully focus on VBS because in my heart I know that I was putting myself/job/wedding at a higher priority than this, and would not have participated if given the opportunity. Even now, God moved my meeting to see my dress back twice, is postponing my ability to view the jewelry, and is not letting my calls to jobs be returned until after VBS is over.
So instead of asking God, “When? When? When?” this week, I decided to put into practice a bit of what I learned at one of Josh’s Bible studies about the will of God and prayer, which we discovered were closely intertwined. I decided to pray in accordance with God’s will. During my long lengths of quiet time at the Library I focused my prayers on VBS and prayed for general things as well as specific people. I did this especially when I found my heart getting preoccupied by my personal situation. And I found a lot of peace at the time, and now that it is over, great satisfaction with that choice. I know that God is taking care of Joe and I, and that it is his will for us to get married, “but seek first His kingdom!” (Matthew 6:33)

Verses of inspiration:
-Luke 11:1-4, Psalm 37:3-7, Matthew 6:33, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17, 1 John 5:14, Colossians 1:9-14

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Elfstones3n1 said...

This post is great advice. I just want to note that others, too, share your frustration when certain things (that you know God has planned for you) are meant to happen, just not yet, and you are told to just wait.

I've been waiting for a certain thing for a long time, and my prayers go something like . . .

(I wait.)
(I wait.)
"How 'bout now?"

. . . and it seems like I get silence as an answer. But when I've gotten tired of waiting and tried to force the issue, I've gotten a divine smack upside the head (similar to when your dress appointments were postponed), to which I mumble, "Oh, I guess I'm supposed to keep waiting."

It brings out what I think is the crux (and the hardest piece) of faith: trust, especially when an issue is completely out of our hands. We want to be actively working towards the goal, no matter what it is. True faith is shown when we are able to force ourselves to hold back and trust another (ie- God) to do the right thing at the right time (and without asking for our approval).

And then another trial comes, because I think I see God starting to set the events in motion that I've been waiting for, but just because I think I can see what He's doing doesn't mean I'm called to action yet. (Just like how you've gotten through the setup, through the engagement and have many of the wedding details planned, but you're still waiting on the job, so He hasn't given you the go-ahead yet. And you have to wait.)

I've kind of lost where I was going with this. Just know that when the time comes to wait, doing so (even though it's the hardest thing to do) is not wasting your time. You're actually showing your trust, your faith.