Monday, December 19, 2011

Jonah: Week 6

Text: Jonah 2
Sermon: Rev. Matt Kennedy (Salvation Belongs to the Lord)

1. In our moments of despair and hopelessness, what do we usually turn to or cling to?

2.  What is despair and where does it come from?

3.  All people and events are under God’s rule and authority.  Name some situations, personal or biblical, where good has come out of a bad, difficult or frustrating situation.

4.  How do our pains or struggles bring us closer to God?

5.  Often, God’s timing does not match with our own.  We consider God’s action to be too early or too late.  Why does God’s timing always work, even if we don’t see it that way at the time?

6.  Our false idols (pride, alcohol, food, relationships, career, children, past events, etc.) demand that we vow and sacrifice to them, and in return they “save us” or “serve us” in a way that is desirable.  How do these actions change when it comes to the Lord?

7.  Jonah’s experience with God reveals that the Christian life is not without pain or discomfort, but He does rescue us from the worst – eternal death and separation.  Share an experience that has caused you pain or trial as a Christian.

8.  After reading halfway through the book of Jonah, share what you have learned from it so far.  What are a few of the central themes?

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