Thursday, June 02, 2011

Questions about Wives

1. [Lead-In] How has cultures viewed and treated women throughout different geographical regions and time periods?

2. [Lead-In] Specifically, how does American culture treat women today?  Feel free to use personal experiences.

3. Why is it so important that Paul addresses wives with this command as opposed to their husbands?

4. The word submit can also be translated to subject.  What does true submittal or subjection look like outwardly (in actions) and inwardly (in heart and mind)?

5. Read Philippians 2: 5 – 8.  Discuss how a wives submittal to a husband imitates Jesus’ submittal to Christ.

6. Consider the phrase “as is fitting in the Lord.”  What are some examples or limitations where wives should not submit to their husbands?

7. “As is fitting” does not mean wives will be comfortable or even at peace in their submittal.  Considering the conversations and questions from last week, what can wives do secure themselves in this command?

8. [App] The way wives submit to their husbands is uniquely different.  If you are married, share some of the ways you have worked this verse out.  If you are a woman who is single, dating or engaged, try to describe how this study has changed your view on being a future wife.

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