Monday, May 30, 2011

Questions Colossians 3: 15 - 17

1. [Lead-In] How do you typically make a decision when a choice is not clear or easy to make?

2. [App] Why might “being at peace” in a situation be a good or bad indicator for the choices we make?

3. [v.15] What is the “peace of Christ” and how is it different than the feeling of “being at peace?”

4. [v.15] How does “Christ’s rule” bring unity to the body of believers (that is, the church)?

5. [v.16] What is admonishment and how is it effectively used in the church?

6. [v.16] How is worship with gratitude, teaching in wisdom, and admonishment used to understand Christ’s word?

7. [v.16] How do these same practices (mentioned in question 6) shape us as believers?

8. [v.17] To do something “in the name of Christ” is to do so in accordance or in the same spirit as Christ did it.  What steps should we take, or what indicators are there telling us if something should be done in Christ’s name?

9. [App] When we dwell in Christ’s word for prolong periods of time, what happens to us individuals and as a church?

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