Friday, May 06, 2011

Questions about Trials and Glory

Text: Psalms 4
Sermon: Jerry Shriver

1. [Lead-In] Can you think about a difficult time or a great trial in your life?  What made the experience so hard?  How did it feel?

2. [v.1] What types of distress do we put on ourselves or on others? Consider all types of distress including physical, emotional, and spiritual.

3. [v.2] Define glory.  Also, what is the difference between the glory of man and the glory of God?

4. [v.2] How do our delusions/false gods divert our attention away from the truth and purpose God has for us?

5. [v.3] Countless times, God has used his servants in the Bible to make “a way out of no way.”  Share or reflect on your favorite “way out of no way” account in Scripture.  Why is this particular account so important to you?

6. [v.4] What happens when we still our minds and hearts?  What types of things does God reveal to us?  How should we react?

7. [v.6] How is God’s vision of success and prosperities different than our own?

8. [App] Think of times in your life that God has delivered you from a trial.  What is the value of setting up a “memorial” to serve as a reminder of His faithfulness?  How do we set “memorials” in our lives?

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