Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Evangelism - Presenting the Gospel

This is a response to the message at Good Shepherd last Sunday, where I was provoked to think about evangelism in a new way. We learned not to focus so much on "my story" or "what Christ has done for me, he can do for you" like a commercial. (Though for personal reflection I believe this is a good excercise.) If you present Christ in such a way, it created needy Christians always looking for Jesus to do something for them. Paul presented the gospel as just that- "good news," a reporter of the truth that left the listener with a choice to believe his claims, or to disregard them. So I tried to make and assertation of my faith, using solely the gospel. Comments are welcome.

There is someone who loves you. Someone who gave his life for you long ago to save you from death. But what will you do with that love? Will you ignore it? Will you stomp on it in mockery? Or will you choose to become his lover? He is a gentle spirit who forces himself on no one, but lets his children come to him and up to the Father. And those who do not want to be with him, he is gracious enough to grant them separation. For there is only "to be with Christ" or "to be apart from Christ." That is why hell is hell. It is the separation from Christ and everything good that he stands for. It is utter lonliness with no one to keep you company, but yourself.

I choose Christ because he loved me first, and upon accepting his invitation, I fell more and more in love with him. I love his character, his law, his creation and everything else he holds. Love, however, is not all rosy cheer as some have come to believe. He will not shield you from the pain and sorrow of this world. This, for the sake of connecting with others who are not in knowledge of the truth and for the sake of yourself- to shape your charcter and make you more like Christ. He does give you peace and assurance as you go through life though. To know that this life is but the passing of an second compared to eternity, and to know that all will be set right in the end. And I trust in God's goodness to be a just judge, because I know Christ, and he is God.

Praise to the highest King of Kings!
Alleluia! Alleluia!

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