Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Feel Spiritually Tired?

Remember those days when you were young in your faith? Your mind was literally consumed with the thoughts and ambitions of God. But somewhere along the way, slowly and gradually, the world's ways cursed ways started reclaiming and succeeding against holiness. We recognized that this should not be, yet we have gave up, and surrendered ourselves to a mediocre faith - the exact type of faith our great adversary wants from us.

Recall the days of your earliest fellowship: the days when you and your brothers and your sisters confessed sins and praises, sang spiritual songs from the heart and read the Word of God even if it was Sunday. Return to those ways and return to the God that is always forgiving, always unchanging and always faithful throughout all your troubles and despairs.

There are multitudes that watch over you daily, prayer warriors that pour-out themselves to God on your behalf and a Creator that longs to be united to the works of His own hands.

Hesitate no longer Child of God because the time for restoration and redemption has forever been this very moment.

Caution: Results might be surprising.

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