Thursday, March 19, 2009

Prayer Devotional, Day 5

I did change a few sentences here, too, to make his lesson location-nonspecific. Also, understandings of how God answers prayer, the sort of mechanics of the whole deal, will differ according to the school of theological thought that taught you. If Thomas's "is" and/or "already" in the second paragraph seem unlike your understanding, it's okay, you might just hail from a different tradition.

This is also the last devotional of the series. I hope they were useful to you.

"But I call to God,
and the Lord saves me.
Evening, morning and noon
I cry out in distress and He Hears my voice."
Psalm 55:16-17

Prayer is not a cell phone conversation that ends when you push the red "end" button. God hears the thoughts and meditations of our hearts even after we say, "Amen." He has no play/pause button. He is preparing answers to our prayers already, according to His will, which is good, pleasing, and perfect.

At the end of any day we can usually remember the people we've met and the different conversations we've had with them. Yet how often do we remember the things we say to God? Far too often we walk away from prayer unchanged and unmoved by our time with Him. If we cannot remember the content of our prayers, how much of our faith, love, and trust are we really investing in God?

Check: Can you remember your prayers after the "amen"? Are you paying attention to God's answer, or do you simply walk away, turning off your brain and closing your heart? Continual prayer does not require talking 24/7, but it is a constant awareness of God's presence and how your prayers are coming to life.
Read: Psalm 139

Pray: Go to a place where you have never prayed before. What is your prayer concerning the next few days, weeks, and months? How do you hope to see God move in your life, where you are, where you grew up, and around the world? What kind of transformation do you seek in your heart and the hearts of others? Pray with faith and remember what you say and why you say it.

Several semesters ago, our IV chapter's prayer ministry adopted the name "Ninth Hour." It's more than a cool name. It bears great significance. At the ninth hour Jesus gave up His spirit and "...the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom..." (Matthew 27:51) Through the death of Jesus we can approach God in prayer with faith, hope, and expectation. Prayer is an honor. Remember to whom you speak. Rejoice in the fact that you can. Pray everywhere, anywhere, and at any time because He is always there.

Live with the same faith you pour into your prayers.

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