Friday, March 20, 2009

Draw Near

When all vanishes and I stand in this
place to face the truth for what it is
With no human escape to hide behind
just my soul and God and I find it mind blowing
Knowing that humanity and a mere mortal man like me
can have my slate cleaned of mistakes and
the chance to put on immortality
Even though darkness has hardened us in
deception and spoken otherwise
I refuse to take in that nonsense, and
I refuse to buy into these lies
These lies of pain, these lies of shame,
These lies of complete dysfunction

This lie of hopelessness that will make a
person feel like they're nothing
This lie that will make me feel like my
struggle is one too much to fix and
Isn't that what darkness wants for me to
play the role of a victim
But I'm a child of light and no longer
am I bound by slavery
oh death where is your sting
And oh Hades where's your victory

Hear my cry oh God
Attend to my prayer
From the end of the earth I will cry to you
When my heart's overwhelmed I will cry to you
Leave it to the rock that is higher than I
For you have been a shelter for me
A strong tower from the enemy
I will abide in your time forever
My God I draw near
My God I draw near

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