Friday, February 13, 2009

Letting go of worry

This week and this semester has been fully loaded. I am taking ceramics which I have never taken before making each already challenging assignment a little more frustrating. To make things more difficult I had decided that it would be cool to get some education classes out of the way so being silly Im taking 3! when normally you take one. So my days are packed. To top it off our artists Bible study has been planning an outreach art show in our art colleges art gallery and we recently learned that this will not happen in the gallery because it is booked!

Rather than being upset and overly stressed I am finding my self in a state of calm. I am not worried. Yes I get a bit nervous when due dates come close, but when it comes to Gods plan I know that He is taking care of it. So I just try to do my best and trust in God to be in control. Not that I lay back and wait for a Job or for the sky to rain money or anything. I understand what God wants from me and what I am expected to do in making sure I'm being outgoing. But with this art show. You would think that I should be upset that we did not get that gallery. But I know with God that if He means to say something or have something be seen that nothing will stop Him and he can do it any way he chooses and sees fit. God is the ultimate artist and Turner gallery might not be the place. What we see as fit is not what he may see as fit. We may not in the end be able to see what he does instead. But I'm going to be watching. This is Gods project more than it is ours and if he wants all of our work together or seen separately in different places than that will be up to him. I will trust, pray for direction and keep my eyes and ears open watching and waiting for my Lord to work.

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