Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't Forget - You Know More Than You Know (Part 3/3)

Believe it or not, no matter who you are, where you were schooled, or how you were raised, chances are you know a lot more than you know. Not to place people in God's glory, because by no means do we deserve it, but we are God's greatest accomplishment, despite the faults that we are guilty of day-by-day. One of the many privileges that comes with being a created human is that we have been given a mind capable in-taking, processing, and applying all sorts of information. Another (and greater) honor is that we have God's Word inscribed on our hearts. Because we are created by God, he knows how to best complete us - from our dislikes to greatest desires. In fact, God created us so well that he knew that we would have tendencies to stray from what is best from us so we have this voice in our head, although sometimes subtle, to tell us when we have missed the mark. When we respond appropriately to this internal voice, we find that we can make ourselves right with God and improve our relationships with our fellow human beings.

To move away from that, what I'm really in awe about is the amount of knowledge we really do know... or have the capability of knowing. When we keep in close fellowship with Christ and fellow believers, we slowly might discover that we have opened up ourselves to an infinite amount of information and knowledge. Those who have passionately pursued what God passionately pursues will become like Christ himself - who actually transcends knowledge itself. The results of these experiences being shared throughout the global church is nothing short of profound.

So, from what I have learned recently, and I'm still exploring this, it seems that as long as we deny ourselves and pick up our (Jesus's) cross daily, that we learn something new everyday - even if it doesn't make sense right away. Being in an intimate relationship with the Creator of Everything, it shouldn't be such a surprise how much we have available to us - yet this is something that captivates me. Switching my major over from engineering to education has made me realize that my model teacher should be Christ because his strategies and learning theories are multiple and they are perfect. Multiple because he understands that we are all created uniquely so having a repertoire of methods becomes necessary. Perfect because he is captivated by us and loves us as any loving parent would. So even if we aren't in a school, Christ Followers have access to the most wonderful teacher who is also our most trusted friend.

So please do not mistake yourself - you know more than know! You just have to go out and find it.

Blessings be to the Most High (Teacher).

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