Monday, August 04, 2008

FROG-Forever Rely On God

When I applied for my summer job down at Jamesville Beach I assumed that my jobs would consist of the 3 T's, Toilets, Trash, and the Ticket booth. I assumed correctly, but it was not long after, that they were followed by another set of T's, Teaching Tracking and Trapping! ( I let things go too)
As part of my job I carry out children's programs which includes a weekly Creature Feature!
I have always loved nature and have always been amazed at God's design and creation. I sit in a ticket booth for about 8 hours nearly every day...I read and keep busy, but to be honest there is a lot of time spent just staring at trees and grass. I notice the direction of the wind, variation in grasses, beautiful weeds, different colored rocks, flowers, bugs and birds. As time passes I am still staring at grass and trees, but I am seeing more. - This is the same with God's Word. The more I read, the more I see.

When tracking down a creature feature, I am never sure of what I am going to find. I always take a container for catching the creature , camera for capturing the moment and my cell to call for reinforcements. Instead of just scanning an area I study it with a careful eye. I have found many interesting things by studying. -When I read my Bible I am not always sure of what I will find, but instead of just scanning an area I study it with a careful eye.

Anyways. I have been relying on God to provide me with interesting creatures. it reminds me a little of Isaac and the raven ..... So far He has provided a walking stick, 3 toads, Cicada shells, Frogs, and crayfish. He has also provided me with experiences,knowledge, sights, sounds and pictures. ForeverRelyOnGod

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