Monday, January 09, 2012

Jonah: Week 7

1. [v.1-2] Chapter 3 starts off almost exactly like the first chapter.  This is basically God giving Jonah a second chance after phis previous failure.  Discuss a time when you were given a second chance.  How does it feel to get a second chance?  Did you make the most of it?

2. [v.3-5] Does Jonah respond differently with God’s second chance?  What is his response?  How do you think he feels about this calling this time around?

3.  [v.4] Jonah’s main message to the people is one of judgment, yet the people accept God’s message and repent.  Why is Jonah’s ministry successful in Nineveh?

4. [v.4] Even though the message is one of judgment, it is still within God’s grace.  How is that possible?

5. [v.6-10] God’s power is very much alive and active in this chapter.  How does God’s power work through Jonah?  How does God’s power work through Nineveh?

6.  One of the more popular ways to reach non-believers today is through relational evangelism.  This means that Christians aim to build a meaningful friendship with a person before presenting the Gospel.  (This is probably NOT what Jonah did.)  What are the strengths of relational evangelism?  Where does it fall short?

7.  Individually, write out the gospel message on a piece of paper in a way that a non-Christian will understand.  Hint:  Keep it simple.  Bonus points if you have a non-Christian in your group and they comprehend your answer.

8.  How does God use our words and actions for His own glory, despite our knowledge, confidence (or lack of), delivery, or motives? 

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