Monday, April 25, 2011

Questions about Palm Sunday

Text: Genesis 12 – 22, Zechariah 9:9 – 13Matthew 21:1 - 9
1. (Lead-in) Can you remember a time where you have been frustrated with God’s promises?  Or, can you remember a time where God didn’t answer a prayer in a typical fashion?

2. (Gen 12-22, App) Why is it difficult for us to understand God’s timing and purpose?  Do you think we will ever understand completely?

3. (Gen 12-22, App) When our prayers or questions to God go unanswered, how do we respond and how should we respond?

4. (Zech 9:9) The prophecy in Zechariah comes to fulfillment twice: primarily during a 166 BC rebellion against the Greeks, and again through Jesus on the first Palm Sunday.  Why would Jesus be interested in a second fulfillment of this Scripture, and in particular, verse 9?

5. (Matt 21:6-9) The people were quick to identify the Zechariah prophecy and reacted in a way they thought appropriate.  What were the crowds cheering for?  What was Jesus really doing?

6. (Matt 21:10-11) How does Jesus plan this event as both a humble and bold action?

7. (App) The people will eventually catch on that Jesus is not in Jerusalem to start a revolt and quickly take matters into our own hands.  With that thought in mind, how do we manage our thoughts and actions when our ways aren’t in line with God’s?

8. (App) Remember that God was aware of sinfulness before the Creation of the Cosmos.  In what ways has God preplanned our sinful choices into His plan to save sinners?  Feel free to use personal or Biblical answers.

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