Thursday, September 09, 2010

Worth a Read

I know I do more linking than writing here, but my jobs tend to keep me busy these days, and I appreciate the people who do a better job than I of making time to write entries like these.

This is the post index for this year's Compassion International blogging trip. A couple of times a year since 2008, as a promotional activity, Compassion has chosen popular bloggers (all Christian so far, I think, but I don't know that for sure) and brought them to a country where they have a sponsoring program (and, I suspect, asked them to sponsor a child from that country beforehand - but I don't actually know how that works). These bloggers chronicle their experiences - what they see, what it's like to meet the children. I've checked out several of them because some bloggers I've been reading over the past few years (BooMama and Big Mama, Ree Drummond, etc.) have gone there or have had family members go, and it's always a worthwhile read...and look, since much of the photography speaks volumes. (Note: Though not as serious and to-the-point as some of the others', Ree's archives, linked to her name, are interesting because they're actually by several people in her family - her from home, her husband and daughters from onsite.)

Go and see. It's a little intense sometimes, but worth it.

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