Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Me in My Community

It’s the dog days of summer and the writing on r2r has been a bit slow but it certainly hasn’t been quiet in my personal life.  In my last post (was it really in June?), I have been making strides in better valuing what is closer and dear to me in the physical sense as well in the familial sense.  I’m writing today because I am now beginning to realize how hard it can be to commit to something and stick with it: something I’m sure we have all struggled with at one point in our lives.  Here’s a review on the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good
Family life within the walls of my apartment has taken on new character.  For me, it has always been therapeutic and helpful to do a full house cleaning and rearrange some of the décor.  It has a lot of symbolism and having a new set-up around the home refreshes me daily.  In addition to that, we also were able to get a cat in the apartment – something my wife has wanted since we got married.

Slowly and surely, we are urging ourselves in a more integrated church role at Good Shepherd.  It looks like I’ll be teaching a bit of Sunday school and potentially a Bible study.  Andrea is working as a secretary there and will probably be a co-leader with me in Sunday school (but she doesn’t know that yet).  I’ve also find some growing in my relationships with out-of-home family and local community members – both thanks to all the summer events that occur with the season.

The Bad
After over a year and a half of weekly e-mail correspondence, it seems as though my male fellowship group will be parting ways at least temporarily, if not permanently.  This is bittersweet to me because the original purpose of the study was to support each other until we could find ourselves grounded in an actual “real-live” church body.  Thankfully, that is mostly the reason for the disbanding, however, it’s still tough to let go to something that has supported you for so long.  It’s my prayer that we can still at least be in communication with each other, if nothing else.

The Ugly
I have a tendency at times to judge others too quickly.  And as of late, I have found myself back in the habit of doing so while in the same spirit of better my circumstances around me.  Probably needless to say here, but these are conflicting ideas if I am trying to make meaningful and God-filled relationships with people.  In turn, I’ve tried looking into the mirror a bit correct some of the problems that some people probably have with me.  One of my first discoveries is that I too boastful and prideful about what I know.  I love information and learning, and when I want to share this with others, I sometimes come across as too harsh, too cocky, or too arrogant.  This has prevented me from listening well to what others have to say.  And I know this is all simple in writing, but it is so difficult for me.  Just to sit down and listen thoughtfully, without filling my head with a response, is a great challenge for me.  In my quest to being a great teacher, mentor, tutor – whatever - I have let that bleed into my public life and I am objectifying (idolizing works too) the person I am chatting with – even if I really do and honestly love them.

So if you’re reading this, please be in prayer for me that through the grace of God that He will reform and correct this flaw into His own glory.

I would also love to hear what all ya’ll have been doing this summer and what God is doing in your lives as well!

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