Thursday, February 11, 2010

Evangelism Preview

As I as listening to my music today, I heard this song. It resonated with me because that "big thing" that I was talking about in my last post is evangelism. I had a friend ask me what I thought about it - this entry isn't my answer. It's more of a preview. Listen to the song, follow along with the lyrics, and then head on down to some final thoughts I have about it.

In the Air - Toby Mac
I had a dream last night about the other side
And I must confess that it was quite the ride
I had a dream last night and the fact that you weren't there
Gave me quite the scare
People were afloat all around me
Yet their weightless state never seemed to astound me
Everything was grand till I noticed one thing
That you, my friend, weren't on the scene

There in the air

I've been workin' all morning trying to spin my dream
Cause I just can't believe you weren't in my dream
Remember you and I said we would paint the sky
And the leaves on the trees and the stars at night
We made beats and we even wrote rhymes
And played golf, I think, a million times
Now we never got around to spiritual matters
But we sure made time for our mindless chatter

I wanna see you there
In the the air
One day we'll be singin' (Hallelujah)
I wanna see you there
In the the air
One day we'll be singin' (Hallelujah)

Hello, wassup (wassup), how ya doin' (just fine)
I was sorta wonderin', could we make the time
(Just kick it) why not at our usual spot
Lattes in May, mine cold, yours hot
(So where we goin') much deeper than our usual chat
(Like who's beats is weak and who's beats is phat)
Nah, my man, this some next level junk
(Like when we discussed if Tiger Woods could dunk)
Just meet me there, seven o'clock, rain or shine
With a fat cup of bean and a wide open mind

The song isn't hard to understand. A friend has a dream and realizes his friend wasn't with him in Heaven. The song describes that they have plenty of time for having fun and talking about stuff that doesn't matter after this life. He braves the courage to say, "Hey, let's meet up like we always do, but I want to talk about some serious stuff, and its important to me."

Looking at this, I really admire the approach; the invitation is genuine and without reproach. Friend A (the Christ-Follower) tells Friend B (the soon-to-be evangelized), that he wants to meet up. Friend A isn't awkward about it, in fact, he's straight forward in that he wants to talk some serious business, he doesn't act out of character, and they're going to meet in person. There is no room for deceit or trickery in there; when the two friends meet, Friend B will not be blindsided unexpectedly with a heavy issue. They will both be mentally prepared for a good discussion. Regardless how this meeting turns out, God will be present. As for what's said exactly... you and I will have to wait a bit longer for that. I'm still ironing out all details.

In the meantime, contemplate this. Think if you have anyone who you really want to talk about God. Don't have any friends that aren't Christ-Followers? Time for you to get a bit uncomfortable and start making some. This is your highest calling in the Kingdom of God.

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