Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Week 1 - Necessity, Power and Effectiveness of Prayer

Every week, I’ll be investigating into different aspects of the Christian faith using a variety of resources when possible. If you’re looking for something to study this week as well, please feel free to join – either in secret or through your own posting. I’ll be posting all of my findings on Saturday, but you are free to do so whenever you want. (If you want to post and are currently not an author, my e-mail is to the right if you are viewing this from r2r. If you’re viewing this from Facebook, contact me there though any means.)
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Prayer is mentioned throughout the Bible as a powerful weapon against the forces of evil as well as the Christ Follower's main tool of communication with God. Because I sturggle maintaining a mature prayer life, this week I want to investigate when we should pray, why is prayer so important and bascially anything else that I can uncover about prayer.

Starting Verses:

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