Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Have you ever been compelled to go? I don’t mean to literally leave, but to run, bike, prance, gallop … to go until you are completely exerted. No matter how fast your heart is beating, no matter how dead you feel, for some reason you can’t stop. You just keep going and going. You just have to.

Then … all of a sudden … you stop. A force with the same urgency as the force that compelled you to go causes you to stop in your tracks. There is no longer a desire to take even one more step.

This sensation caused me think about my spiritual life. What are the things in my life that cause me to go? What are the things that fill me with so much adrenaline that I can barely contain myself? What are the things that make me stop? What are things that cause me freeze even in the most chaotic situations? Are they worldly things or are they God centered things? Are they selfish desires or love-filled gestures? What are the things that ring true in my own life?

There are points in my life when these questions have quick, easy, and honest answers. Whether or not these answers are always things I want to hear or admit is another story. At other times in life, I struggle to find words that will accurately express the feelings these questions evoke. Sometimes I just can’t formulate a response.

Today, I am somewhere in between these two scenarios. I know some things for sure and there are other things I need to think about. Adventure, travel, music, and laughter are all things that compel me to go. Sunsets, mountains, lyrics, scripture, and others’ compassion and generosity are things that cause me to stop in my tracks. Whether or not these things are generally for God is something I most definitely need to continue to ponder.

What are the things that ring true in your own life?


Scripture: Psalm 144; Mark 4: 14-20; Mark 7:14; Romans 1:21-23, 32; Philippians 4:7-9

Suggested Listening: Grace Like Rain – Todd Agnew; Divine Romance – Phil Wickham; Captivated – Shawn McDonald; Sweetly Broken – Jeremy Riddle; Christmas Song – Flyleaf; Great – Ten Shekel Shirt, Winds of Change - Kutless

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