Sunday, May 10, 2009

Garbage Truck Man!

Last Wednesday morning my wife and I were earlier than usual. We were having breakfast in the living room when the garbage truck happened to be driving by ours and the neighboring houses. All of the sudden, my wife who was sitting by the windows, showed a child-like fascination and excitement over the man picking up the buckets, dumping its contents into the truck, and riding on the back to his next destination a few feet ahead. To me, this was a daily occurrence, but to her, this is something different that she hasn’t seen before. She used to live in the country where this isn’t as a common occurrence, so she got quite a kick out of it.

I think most of us have had this experience before when we were younger; I know the kids I went to the babysitters with looked forwards to crowding around the window to watch the garbage truck come by with wonder. Watching my 23-year-old wife express the same excite as a child reminded me of the child-like excitement, awe and wonder that we are supposed to have as inquisitive Christ Followers every day. Unfortunately the daily becomes mundane for us, and this increases all the more as we grown into adults.

There’s a simple lesson to be learned here: don’t grow dull to the simple pleasures that are around you. And yes, sometimes our joy in life can be that simple.

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