Friday, July 18, 2008

The Word and The world

I had come home from my second day of elementary school telling my mom, "God doesn't go to my school". Even though some said public school would destroy my Faith, my parents decided to keep me in public school. I am living proof that God protects. I Believe in God with all my heart. Public school has not damaged my Faith, but only made it stronger.

During school I had been confronted with challenges, testing my Faith and values. I couldn't pass out invitations to VBS programs or share my Faith with others with out receiving some form of persecution. I was even told at one point that I should seek medical help for , "believing in God, because he was not real, like Santa of the Easter Bunny".

"See you at the Flag pole", is an event where students and faculty come early before school to pray under the flagpole in front of the school. Each year at my school about 2-6 of us gathered and prayed, while the rest of our 800+ student high school passed by.

Many times I would go home in tears because there were only 6 students who believed in God at my school. How could there be so few?

Over the years I had met about 30 or so kids who where home schooled, my age older and younger who were all living with in my school district. I'm not frowning upon home school, but at the same time it would have been nice to know that there were more than 6 students going to my school who believed in God.

When I look at our Lords life, he went to where the lost were. Today, some Christians can't seem to get far enough away from the lost.

It's true that many people don't have God, but they need God too and it is our job to tell them. The Word is not something that should be locked a secret for only the saved to hear. There could have been 30 people at that flagpole and at my school making that much more of a difference.

Instead of keeping ourselves from the world we should be flooding it.

I believe God's will for me is to be a Christian art teacher in the public school system. I man not be able to speak God's Word, but He will still be seen through me. My heart goes out to Christians who put themselves in sin-saturated places and still stand firm on God's Word showing just how firm the rock really is.

It's one thing if your faith can swim, but can it uphold against the waves?

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